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Coffee Malongo

  • Malongo Beans Gout Italien: The Espresso flavour. Enjoy this fruity flavour, and the intense aroma of this Arabica from Central America. Malongo produces this coffee using traditional methods to guarantee the properties of the beans and allow you to savour a rich, thick and creamy espresso combining strong taste with the finesse of a quality Arabica. Vacuum packaging ensures that no aroma is lost and guarantees fresh coffee to your door.

  • Malongo Italian Style: Italian Style is full-bodied, strong and creamy and has benefited from traditional 20-minute roasting, the only method able to preserve all of the aromas ot the coffee. A pure dolce vita moment... try it strong just like they drink in Rome!

  • Malongo Organic La Tierra: This organicand fair trade coffee is an absolutely exceptional product. Well balanced, full of savour and rich with aromas. Production methods are strictly selected to protect the earth and the men and women who grow the plants. Traditional roasting methods protect the purity of the coffee. 100% authentic coffee.

  • Malongo L'Express: What an aroma! Enjoy the delightful flavour of a thick and creamy 100% Arabica coffee. This round-bodied coffee without a trace of acidity is happiness in espresso format.

  • Malongo Fair-Trade Petits Producteurs La Légèreté & L'Original: Small growers producing big coffees. Enjoy the fruity taste, smoothness and leather and earthy undertones of this Arabica from Central America with its intense aroma. Produced using traditional methods before being immediately vacuum packed to ensure all the aromas, freshness and authenticity of a quality Arabica coffee reach your cup.